Hear From Amber Airways’ Passengers

At Amber Airways, we love flying our clients across the beautiful Yukon. We take pride in being a safe and reliable option for transportation in the Yukon, as well as in providing personalized service. Read our client testimonials below and feel free to submit your own.

Very Reliable and Dependable

We have been using Amber Airways Inc. for the past 7 years in our Yukon outfitted hunting business. Over those years Bernard has logged many hours flying our clients, crew, camp supplies and trophies and has proven to be very reliable and dependable. Crew and clients appreciate his work ethic, sense of humor and piloting abilities. I also recognize those attributes as well as appreciating Bernard’s thoughtfulness and the respect he shows for our company. Amanda is always available in Whitehorse to help out with any expediting of clients or supplies, often with little advance notice. Having someone available for that type of service is integral to both Amber Airways and ourselves. I would highly recommend Amber Airways Inc. for anyone’s flying needs in the Yukon and am looking forward to many years of continued service with this Yukon based company.

Don L.

MacMillan River Adventures

Highly Recommended Pilot

I have known Bernard Stehelin in a variety of capacities for many, many years, having watched him develop from his younger years in school to a very successful and charming adult, actively participating in all aspects of the community. For the past two years, I have worked closely with Bernard in his capacity as pilot and owner of Amber Airways.

Bernard is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. He is punctual, usually arriving ahead of scheduled time to be prepared for on-time departures. Bernard goes beyond usual expectations as he aims to please. He is extremely helpful and works to ensure the very best possible service to his clients and business associates. Bernard handles all difficulties that may arise with an incredible problem solving attitude of “Let’s make this happen” and then finds creative ways to make it so. He is dependable and an absolute pleasure to work with.

In summary, I highly recommend Bernard for any position or endeavor that he may seek to pursue. He will be a valuable asset for any organization.

Micki D. K.

A Careful, Safe Pilot

I’ve known Bernard Stehelin for several years now and have used his flying services to support my company Yukon Stone Outfitters. Flying in the bush is never something to be taken for granted, so it is important to work with people who have not only the right experience, but also those who exercise great judgement in the decisions they make. Bernard is one of those people. I have full confidence in him to get clients, crew, and supplies where they need to be when they need to be there. He is a careful, safe pilot who understands the needs of a business operating in the backcountry. In addition, he is not simply a pilot but more importantly a fair person, and a problem solver who can fly an airplane. As such he will go the “extra mile” to serve his customers, is flexible in how he approaches logistics, and is always thinking about how to do things safely and most efficiently even when it’s not his own time and money at stake. Bernard has my personal endorsement as well as the endorsement of Yukon Stone Outfitters. If you are in need of a pilot or an interesting person to have lunch with, call Bernard at Amber Airways.

Aaron F.

Owner and General Manager, Yukon Stone Outfitters

Skills as a Pilot are Second to None

Bernard has made operating my business much easier. He is reliable, courteous and has a great attitude no matter what time I call him. His skills as a pilot are second to none and safety is always a priority. I trust my business and my entire family with his services. You will not find a safer pilot anywhere. Thank you for your terrific attitude and taking care of my family.

Jarrett D.

Deuling Stone Outfitters